Prime Minister Modi emphasises the importance of international governance in AI
Highlighting the need to ensure that the benefits of technology reach all sections of society, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India is striving for a better future through its human-centric approach. 
Addressing the Outreach Session of the G7 Summit in Apulia, Italy on Friday (June 14, 2024), he also emphasised the importance of international governance in AI in the years to come. The session was based on Artificial Intelligence and Energy, Africa and the Mediterranean.

Prime Minister Modi used the opportunity to highlight the recent Parliamentary elections in India, describing it as "the biggest festival of democracy in the world and the biggest in the history of humanity". 
Here are some key takeaways from Prime Minister Modi's address:
1. We have to convert monopoly in technology into mass usage. We have to make technology creative, not destructive. Only then will we be able to lay the foundation of an inclusive society.

2. India is striving for a better future through its human-centric approach. India is among the first few countries to formulate a National Strategy on Artificial Intelligence. On the basis of this strategy, this year we have launched A.I. Mission. It is derived from the mantra "A.I. for All”.
3. During the G-20 Summit hosted by India last year, we emphasised the importance of international governance in the field of A.I. In the time to come, we will continue to work together with all countries to make A.I. transparent, fair, secure, accessible and responsible.

4. India's approach in the field of energy is based on four principles - availability, accessibility, affordability and acceptability.
5. India is the first country to fulfil all the commitments made under COP before time. And we are making every effort to fulfil our commitment to achieve the target of Net Zero by 2070. 
6. We should together try to make the time to come a Green Era. For this, India has started Mission LiFE i.e. Lifestyle For Environment.

7. It is our resolve to build a developed India by 2047. Our commitment is that no section of the society should be left behind in the country's development journey. 
8. The countries of the Global South are bearing the brunt of global uncertainties and tensions. India has considered it its responsibility to place the priorities and concerns of the countries of the Global South on the world stage. We have given high priority to Africa in these efforts. 
9. The G-20, under India's chairmanship, made the African Union a permanent member. India has been contributing to the economic and social development, stability and security of all African countries, and will continue to do so.
10. Today's meeting reflects deep convergence between the priorities of all countries. We will continue dialogue and cooperation with the G-7 on all these issues.