A key highlight of the meeting was the emphasis on improving digital governance architecture in Eritrea
The second round of Foreign Office Consultations (FOC) between India and Eritrea held in New Delhi on Wednesday (May 15, 2024) marked a significant step in enhancing bilateral relations and cooperation. 

The discussions covered a wide range of bilateral, regional, and multilateral issues. 

According to information released by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), a key highlight of the meeting was the emphasis on improving digital governance architecture in Eritrea, underscoring the importance of Digital Public Infrastructure as a vital area for future collaboration.

Digital Governance and Capacity Building

The consultations addressed the need for robust digital governance systems in Eritrea, aiming to leverage India's expertise in this domain. 

Underlining the importance of Digital Public Infrastructure as a focus area for cooperation, they discussed possible support/cooperation to improve digital governance architecture in Eritrea, the MEA said.

Both sides focused on further promoting developmental cooperation and capacity building within the framework of South-South cooperation.

Sectoral Cooperation: Agriculture, Health, and More

The discussions also reviewed ongoing cooperation in the fields of agriculture and food processing, health, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, mining, trade and investment. The two sides explored ways to further broaden and deepen their cooperation. 

In agriculture and food processing, India, with its extensive experience in agricultural innovation and technology, can share best practices and provide technical assistance to Eritrea. Similarly, India's pharmaceutical industry, known for its cost-effective solutions, can emerge as a key partner in addressing Eritrea's healthcare challenges.

Renewable Energy and Trade

Renewable energy emerged as another crucial area of cooperation given the global push towards sustainable energy solutions. India’s advancements in solar and wind energy technologies could significantly benefit Eritrea’s energy sector, promoting sustainable development and energy security.

Trade and investment were also pivotal points of discussion. By improving trade policies and removing barriers, India and Eritrea aim to stimulate economic growth and development.

"India and Eritrea share warm and cordial ties and both sides agreed to give further impetus to further strengthen bilateral relations," the MEA stated. The next round of FOC will be held in Eritrea at a mutually convenient time, reflecting the ongoing commitment to deepening cooperation.

The Indian delegation was led by M Suresh Kumar, Joint Secretary (WANA), Ministry of External Affairs, while the Eritrean delegation was headed by Ibrahim Osman Mahmud, Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This round follows the initial political consultation held in Asmara, Eritrea, in October 2018.