The India-France Strategic Partnership has gathered significant momentum over time
Reaffirming the long-standing strategic partnership between India and France, Chief of Defence Staff General Anil Chauhan has concluded a productive visit to the European nation imparting further momentum to the close and multifaceted bilateral relationship. 

During the visit, General Chauhan held a series of meetings with France's top military leadership which facilitated an exchange of views on areas of common interests and mutual security concerns.

The Indian Chief of Defence Staff met with Director of Civil & Military Cabinet of the Minister of the French Armed Forces Patrick Pailloux and Chief of Military Cabinet of the Minister of the Armed Forces Lt Gen Vincent Giraud in addition to his counterpart, General Thierry Burkhard. 

"Deliberations at France’s Directorate General of Armament for enhancing the exchange of high-end dual-use technologies followed by interactions with the top leadership of the French Defence industry, including Dassault, Safran and Naval Groups, and Thales Alenia Space, towards futuristic capacity building of the Indian Armed Forces, would provide an impetus to indigenisation," the Ministry of Defence said on Sunday (April 28, 2024).

Additionally, the exchanges at the French Land Forces Command (CFT), the French Space Command (CDE), and the School of Military Studies (Ecole Militaire), while providing India’s point of view on security challenges, have also provided opportunities for enhancing defence collaboration in space, modernisation initiatives and also augmenting bilateral training between both nations, the ministry added.

"The India-France Strategic Partnership has gathered significant momentum over time and has now evolved into an even closer and multifaceted relationship that spans diverse areas of cooperation," the Ministry of Defence stated.

While in France, the CDS also paid tributes at the War Memorials of Neuve-Chapelle and Villers-Guislain, to the extraordinary bravery of soldiers of the Indian Expeditionary Force who fought on the Western Front during the First World War, towards enhancing peace and tranquility in the region. These memorials stand testimony to the long-standing Indo-French relationship.