The two sides are exploring increased trade opportunities for citizens and enterprises
The latest round of trade agreement negotiations between India and Peru, marking a strong push towards strengthening economic and commercial ties, took place in Lima earlier this week.

This 6th round of talks from February 12-14 2024, crucial in advancing the bilateral trade relations that have seen substantial growth over the last two decades, was inaugurated with a ceremony attended by key officials from both countries.

The opening ceremony featured Peru's Vice Minister of Foreign Trade Teresa Mera; Indian Ambassador of India Vishvas Sapkal; alongside the Chief Negotiators from both nations, Vipul Bansal for India and Gerardo Meza for Peru. 

The delegations ensured that both countries would continue the momentum achieved in pre-pandemic negotiations, which had successfully completed five rounds by August 2019. The dialogue resumed with a special virtual round in October 2023, indicating a rejuvenated focus on finalizing the trade agreement.

In their opening remarks, both the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade of Peru and the Chief Negotiator of India emphasized the importance of pragmatic negotiation. Their speeches highlighted the common objective of finding creative solutions and reach a consensus that would foster increased trade opportunities for citizens and enterprises, further establishing the economic and commercial partnership between the two nations.

This round witnessed in-person meetings across nine working groups, addressing critical aspects such as Trade in Goods, Rules of Origin, Trade in Services, and Customs Procedures, among others. Over 70 delegates participated, representing a wide array of governmental sectors from both India and Peru and the comprehensive approach taken towards these discussions.