PM Modi reiterates commitment to boosting reforms which will further growth in energy sector
In a major step to emphasize India's commitment to energy sector growth and reforms, Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged in an interaction with leading CEOs from the energy sector at the India Energy Week in Goa on Tuesday (February 6, 2024). This engagement is part of a broader initiative to highlight the myriad opportunities that India presents in the rapidly evolving energy landscape.
During this high-profile meeting, the Prime Minister took the opportunity to discuss the vast potential within India's energy sector, emphasizing the nation's readiness to embrace and drive forward substantial reforms aimed at fostering growth and sustainability.
The interaction also served as a platform for the Prime Minister to reiterate the government's dedication to improving the energy sector's development through innovative and progressive policies.
The Prime Minister shared insights from the meeting on social media platform X, stating, "At the India Energy Week, interacted with top energy sector CEOs. Highlighted the wide range of opportunities India offers in the sector and reiterated our commitment to boosting reforms which will further growth." 
India Energy Week has emerged as a landmark event, attracting global leaders, policymakers, and industry experts to deliberate on the future of energy, focusing on sustainable and renewable sources. The event plays the role of a catalyst for international collaboration and innovation in the energy domain.
The dialogue centred on various strategic topics, including the expansion of renewable energy capacities, the promotion of energy efficiency, and the exploration of new technologies to ensure energy security and sustainability. The CEOs presented their views and suggestions on enhancing the energy ecosystem in India, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead.
The government's commitment to transforming India into a global energy hub is evident in its recent initiatives, including investments in clean energy, infrastructure development, and the implementation of policy reforms designed to attract foreign investment and technological expertise in the energy sector.
Delivering the inaugural address at India Energy Week 2024, Prime Minister Modi said India will see an investment of about USD 67 billion in the energy sector over the next 5-6 years.
The Prime Minister's interaction with the energy sector leaders at India Energy Week envisions India's proactive stance on engaging with global industry leaders to foster a collaborative approach towards achieving energy independence and sustainability. It highlights the country's ambition to play a significant role in the global energy transition, leveraging its vast resources and innovative capabilities to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
As India Energy Week continues, the discussions and outcomes from the Prime Minister's engagement with top energy CEOs are expected to sort directions for novel partnerships and initiatives, driving the country's energy sector towards a more prosperous and sustainable future.